Web Design

  • Binario Total

    Under Construction / Landing Page for car dealership. Responsive and very simple, with contact information and map.
  • Primeredit

    While working at Quinta Digital, one of our best clients asked for website that would showcase their services and that could be updated monthly. I designed […]
  • Rotomoldagem

  • Termiso

    I designed this website while working for Quinta Digital. The client provided the logo and the contents. I made sure the design was cohesive and matched […]
  • TAF Medical

    This website was simple and to the point. The colours I felt, matched the business perfectly. Unfortunately the most recent version of the website is no […]
  • Caminho Novo Templo

    Website I built for a church. The website is extensive, with dozens of pages and plenty of written content, uploaded and updated by the pastor (owner […]
  • Eggcellent

    If you’re from Portugal and you haven’t tried the food from this place… you should! It is DELICIOUS! Other than that, building the website was a […]
  • Fingerprint

  • Sintra Antiga

    One of the first websites I built when I started working for Quinta Digital. It looks very simple but, with time, it ended up being quite […]
  • Masorosa

    This was the first website I built while working for Quinta Digital. It is no longer online. I had a lot of fun building it. I […]